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Naked Thinking

"Everything Popular is Wrong"

everything popular is wrong-pop-art-Naked-LivingOscar Wilde’s infamous quote is fast becoming the mantra of the generation born a century after his death. And while it may be a bit extreme - it points to a global awakening, a realisation that what we think of as “true” or “normal” has been largely packaged and fed to us by the people and institutions we trusted. 

Each day as the latest widely held belief crumbles under the harsh glare of scrutiny, investigation, and sometimes (embarrassingly) under nothing more than the soft light of simple common sense, it leaves the average Joe thinking, “Frankly Oscar, then who the hell can I trust?”

Certainly not the teachers.

Sir Ken Robinson, Seth Godin and others make a compelling argument for the insanity of the current school system that was set up to manufacture factory worker bees and army drones who are disciplined to take orders and obey authority figures, stifiling free thinking and creativity in the process.

Doctors are no better.

Author John Robbins and Physician Deepak Chopra point out that doctors in the US are trained to be pill pushers. Medical school curriculums and course materials are sponsored and/or developed by pharmaceutical companies who have a vested interest in the Pill Prescription Method of treating the symptoms and not the cause. Both doctors and 'Big Pharma' benefit from your recurring rash and your permanent post-nasal drip.

It gets worse! Despite the fact that every inch of our bodies has, at one time, passed our lips and entered our digestive tract, most US doctors leave the esteemed educational institutions with an average of no more than 2,5 hours of nutritional training - often sponsored by the very corporate bodies (like the Sugar Board for example) who are increasingly taking heat for being responsible for diseases like obesity, heart disease and diabetes in the first place.

everything popular is wrong-homer-simpson-fire-cereal-Naked-Living

That’s the equivalent of going to a rehab center for addiction whose recovery program and care workers are sponsored by the Casino and Liquor boards!

Government / Judiciary / Police Force / Church – the very institutions we entrust with our education, our norms, our morals, our safety, our health - all relentlessly de-robed by the democratic, instantaneous and borderless nature of the worldwide digital information network.

How deep do the lies and deceptions go? And who can we trust when everyone is trying to make a buck?

Suddenly we look in the mirror and see the very enemy we’ve been warned against. We’ve been evangelising the very "truths" that now lie in ruins at our feet.

We were wrong.

How can we trust our own judgment again? Where do we turn?


We’re the generation left to make sense of it all.

Left to dig to the bottom of all the lies and find some semblance of reality without losing our minds in the process.

For now, the best we can do is to be relentlessly inquisitive, remain humble, and do what we can armed with the information we have.  This rabbit hole may go much deeper and it's going to be a bumpy ride.

But awakening we are. Comfortably or not. Change is happening. Truth is rearing its naked head. And eyes now opened can’t easily close.



Written by Helen Bennett for Naked Living
Image of Homer Simpson from BuzzMedia


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